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New Orleans Rascals"New Orleans Rascals" under our website
Michiko "Riko" OgawaA pianist of the Yo Kimura Trio. She is in great request in Tokyo and overseas too.
Other bands"Bands" in this website
Friend Organizations
Organizations or bands in Kansai area
Castle Jazz BandStarted in 1977, sympathizing with famous "Firehouse Five Plus Two". The name of the band comes from Himeji Castle.
OSAKA Big River Jazz FestivalIs held every May by the side of Okawa (it means "Big River").
Royal Flush Jazz BandPlays mainly in Kobe, but also appears at New Suntory 5 every month.
New Suntory 5A jazz pub where the Rascals appear every Saturday. You can also enjoy each band of ODJC playing here.
Organizations or bands in Kanto area
The High Time Rollers (with an English page)A genuine New Orleans jazz band. But they also introduce wide-spread elements of music, from rhythm & blues to "Gershwin".
The Young NOLA OrchestraHas a motto "'Simple' is best.", playing mostly a repertory of Sidney Bechet. only student New Orleans Jazz club in Japan founded in 1958.
Yoshimi Fukasawa (with some English pages)A Jazz pianist and a band master of "Yoshimi and Carolina Shout"
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Kobe Jazz StreetIs opened every October in the neighborhood of Kitano. Isn't known only in Kansai area, but becomes an international event.
Riff Raff JazzOur friends, late Tom Baker and Roger Janes had made us happy by their excellent playing. This website is dedicated them by Paul Finnerty in Australia.
School Icons CLUBSpecial thanks for their "pencil" icons. We use some of them for navigations on our "Events" pages.
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