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About us

The Original Dixieland Jazz Club (O.D.J.C.) has been established in September, 1961 by lovers of Classic Jazz in Osaka, Japan as a non-profit organization. We hold our own concerts and regular meetings for jazz mainly in good old days such as Dixieland, New Orleans, Chicago style and Swing Jazz. We offer various kinds of information about such music. We also make every effort to exchange with overseas musicians and jazz clubs.

Our bands

We have been supporting worldly well-known New Orleans Rascals which started at the same time. Besides, we support five typical New Orleans style jazz bands today, Mahogany Hall Stompers, New Orleans Red Beans, New Orleans Four T’s New Orleans Four T′s, and New Orleans Kitchen Five. We also support a piano trio, Yo Kimura Trio which plays mainly classic jazz, and a female jazz vocalist, Tomoko "TonTon" Mori.
        Admission Fee---------2,000 yen
        Yearly Rates
            Patron---------over 10,000 yen
            Family----------------4,000 yen
            Individual-------------2,500 yen
            Student---------------1,500 yen

  Membership Benefits
      Get tickets with discounted price
          You can enjoy this benefit for all events and concerts which we
          sponsor or support.
      Receive information
          We send you newsletters (in Japanese) 8-10 times a year. By these you may catch hot news about events, concerts, CDs, etc.
      Free subscription to HOT JAZZ LINE (in Japanese)
          We publish this bulletin three times a year with our friend organizations in Western Japan area which promote traditional jazz as we do.

        President: Hisatada Sumitomo
        Manager: Iwao Kuchiba
        Office: 3-11-15 Hama Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, 538-0035, Japan
          Phone: +81-6-6911-2531      Fax: +81-6-6912-0851
          E-mail: odjc-kuchiba♪ (Change ♪ to @.)

You like such Traditional Jazz, or are interested?
Please contact us. We hope you Join Us!

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